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Blood – Lianne La Havas (Revisited album review)

A beautifully intense album still earning its crown Unless you count me babbling musical opinions about the album we are listening to on car journeys with my Mum, this is my first ever re-visited album review. Released in 2015 (two... Continue Reading →


Just a Singer (Opinion Piece)

Girls that Gig recently conducted a survey with a plan to discover how female singers are regarded in comparison to other instruments and their male colleagues. A massive 89% of professionally trained vocalists, mostly female, said yes to the question,... Continue Reading →

(Feature) JOHN FRISCO – Desperately, desperately searching for John

Experimental trio John Frisco are gaining recognition in the UK from music fans and industry professionals. Whilst being known for their artistic and independent aura, the John Frisco package is an enigma to those who have come across the instrumental band... Continue Reading →

(News piece) Survey reveals: All singers are bad musicians, but females are worse…

Survey confirms female singers are less respected than other instrumentalists says Leeds based organisation Girls that Gig. Former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass agrees. When Girls that Gig asked vocal professionals and students, ‘Have you ever been made to feel like... Continue Reading →

A Night of Paradise (Live Gig Review)

09/03/17 With an upbeat, fruity playlist from DJ Alex Del Mango, Paradise People hosted an event filled with vibrant music. The atmosphere made me feel as though I’d been invited to a private party, genuinely convincing my mind that we... Continue Reading →

5 Songs That Celebrate Sexuality

New post on My First Single! This was such a fun piece to write and a real struggle to narrow down the amazingly empowering songs that celebrate sexuality to a list of five. Finding Beatrice Eli's song Girls on YouTube and clicking... Continue Reading →

Being a poorly musician

A while ago I wrote a piece for My First Single about being a poorly musician. I've just discovered that it's been published and I'd love for you to have a read: I also realised that I've got a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating FemFest 17

My quirky musical duo JOULE played at Hyde Park Book Club on Saturday night, representing Girls that Gig, for one of the most beautiful events I've played at: FemFest 17. By beautiful, I don't mean that the room was full... Continue Reading →

New & Exciting

It's projects week at uni, I have nothing on my timetable, I've got my shifts at work out of the way and it feels like Father Christmas has given me an early Christmas present of time. Overwhelmed by the blank... Continue Reading →

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